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Public greek schools

Primary and secondary education in Cyprus is at a high level. The state spends 7% of the GDP on educational needs. According to this indicator, Cyprus maintains a leading position among the EU countries (along with Denmark and Sweden).

Education in Greek schools lasts 12 years. Children enter primary school at the age of 6, and graduate at the age of 18.

English private schools

In Cyprus, all schools, including free public ones, provide good education, including foreign languages, especially English. However, parents take into account the fact that the children are taught in Greek. That is why only those who decided to permanently stay connected with Cyprus and Greece, with the Greek language and culture, send their children to public Greek schools. Others send their children to private schools.

Cyprus offers excellent opportunities for high-quality education following the UK national school curriculum. In all major cities of Cyprus (Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca and Paphos) there are English schools that provide a full cycle of primary and secondary education. The largest number of English schools are located in Limassol.

Perhaps the most famous English schools are the following:

  • The English School (Nicosia)
  • The Heritage Private School (Limassol)
  • American Academy Larnaca (Larnaca, Nicosia)
  • International School of Paphos (Paphos)
  • Foley’s Shool (Limassol)
  • Pascal English School (Limassol, Nicosia, Larnaca)
  • Grammar School (Limassol)

The educational process lasts 13 years. Children enter school at the age of 5. Primary education lasts 6 years, secondary - another 7 years. Teens finish school at 18. Following 5 years of high school education, students take exams and receive a General Certificate of Secondary Education (General Certificate of Secondary Education - GCSE). The last two years of high school education are aimed at preparing for university. Upon graduation, students take the A-levels exam. The results obtained are the basis for admission to British universities.

It is also worth mentioning that kindergartens operate under English private schools. Children go there for three years, starting from the age of 2. The last year is preparatory for elementary school.

Private English schools are commercial. Education is relatively inexpensive. One year of studying in elementary grades costs about 3.5 thousand Euro, in the last grades - about 7 - 8 thousand Euro.

Many believe that in terms of primary and secondary English education, Cyprus is the best country in the Mediterranean.

Russian private schools

There are several Russian schools in Cyprus. Three schools (LITC, School of Pythagoras and Morfosis) are located in Limassol. In Nicosia, there is the Russian embassy school . Two schools are located in Paphos (Paphos Russian School and «Erudite» School). To tell the truth, they (unlike the schools mentioned earlier) are not big; there are only a few dozen students studying there. In the future, a Russian school in Larnaca to be open.

Educational programs follow the Russian state curriculum. School graduates receive a Russian certificate. Education lasts 11 years.

Russian schools are commercial. Education is cheaper than in English schools. A year costs about 3.5 thousand Euro.

Higher education

In recent years, the number of foreign students studying in Cyprus has been growing rapidly. There are significant programs here for which people come to the island from other, even more developed countries. For example, maritime affairs and numerous related disciplines.

Cyprus has both public and private institutions of higher education.

There are three state universities:

  • University of Cyprus (Nicosia)
  • Cyprus University of Technology (Limassol)
  • Open University of Cyprus (Nicosia)

Also, there are private universities in all major cities of Cyprus: University of Nicosia, Frederick University, Neapolis University etc.

It should also be noted that affiliated branches of well-known British universities began to operate in Cyprus. In the suburbs of Larnaca is the University of UcLan Cyprus - a branch of the famous English University of Central Lancashire (The University of Central Lancashire). In Larnaca itself you can find a branch of the University of the West of England (University of the West of England).
Have you decided to move permanently with the whole family? We will help you choose the appropriate educational institution for your children! Cyprus has a large variety of secondary schools in Russian, English and Greek, there are also many colleges and universities following the European education system. We will help you collect all the necessary documents for enrollment as well as provide the services of an interpreter-consultant.
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